Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Work Wednesday; iPhone apps

Happy Work Wednesday!  Today's post is about iPhone apps.  It's hard to imagine how we kept up with our work prior to having iPhones.  Now Chubby can do business whether he's here at home, or on the road.  Gotta love it!
Go here for the 50 Best iPhone Apps 2011 according to Time Magazine.  I would also like to add our personal preferences.
Dragon is a voice command app that allows Chubby to send texts without typing.  It's sensitive to background noise, and he has to speak slowly, but when he's driving all over the country, it's a good thing to keep his eyes on the road.
Have you seen the new QR codes like this?
You can install the QR Scanner or Tag Reader and scan codes similar to this and automatically receive a video or pertinent information back on your phone.  I've seen these codes on business cards, in books, real estate "For Sale" signs.  You can get your message across to anybody, instantly, with these little buggers.  Maybe one day we'll add one to Chubby's business card and when it's scanned, will send their "Zydeco Junkie" music video as well as contact information.

For the CD/Merchandise selling folks, or anybody really, we have a Square Card Reader  to accept credit/debit card payments at our shows.  It's easy and FREE!  No reason to spend a pretty penny at the bank to swipe credit cards with a machine, do it right from your iPhone.  Sign up at their site, install the app, a few days later you get the reader that attaches to your phone, set up your bank account, and your ready to get paid.

Constant Contact is our email marketing provider for our monthly newsletter.  Their app allows me to view stats of any given email, anywhere.

And last but certainly not least, the Bible app.  Don't leave home without it!

I hope this list turns you on to some new apps that's helpful in your daily lives.  What are some of your favorite apps?

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