Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work Wednesday: Social Media

Last night I attended a social media seminar called the Destructo Tour.  Amber Osborne, aka Miss Destructo, as well  as the other panelists, gave great tips for businesses that use social media.  Here's a breakdown of what I gathered:
  • Telling stories and creating an emotional connection captures readers
  • Find the heart and soul of the company and share with readers
  • Find what we're passionate about and we'll discover content to share with audience
  • Be fun, open, authentic, and transparent
  • Do less, do it better (blog content)
  • Twitter speaks a different language than Facebook.  Don't connect the two accounts.
  • Don't be a "pitch", share interesting content, focus on conversations and building relationships
There are some things we're doing right, and other things we're not.  This was an interesting opportunity to connect with experienced people as well as people learning, like me.  I gleaned information not only from the panelists, but the attendees as well.

What type of content do you prefer to see on a band's blog, Facebook or Twitter page?  


    1. I like to learn about the day in the life of a band member. I'm a writer and people think that's glamorous (hardly) but what about musicians? Must be similar.

    2. You're right! Similar and hardly glamorous. I'll keep that topic in mind. It might go something like this:
      Drive van, gas, eat, repeat!
      Good meeting you last night, let's keep in touch.