Friday, July 1, 2011

Freedom Friday: Good tips for making more and spending less

Today is Chubby's birthday! 

He's playing in Portland, OR. this weekend so he caught a plane early this morning.  Maya and I sang 'Happy Birthday" when he arrived at his connecting city.  We celebrated last night at Mulate's, so it's okay that we're not together today, we're used to this.  We've had to do this for anniversaries, Father's Day, and Mother's Day, too!   Such is the life of a musician and his family.  It's all good....

(And so was his food!  Duck, rice dressing, sweet potatoes, and coleslaw.  Yum!)

Today I want to share a report from Bob Baker's Buzz Factor, for Indie Music Marketing.  It's entitled 

It was written a couple of years ago, but I think there are helpful tips to put into practice regardless of the state of the economy.  Whether you're a musician or not, there's useful information for day-to-day-living.

Considering that Chubby has flown out the last two weekends and will fly again next weekend, I personally, disagree with tip #4 in the first section.  Perhaps when the article was written airfare was more affordable, but not right now. 

I also question the last section of the report.  I know there was a lot of buzz about "The Secret", I think around the time this report was written, but I prefer to refer to God's Word to change my life.
I hope you enjoy this report and take away some useful nuggets of information.  Let me know if you do!

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