Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Monday: Let's Make it Funky

You know I'm a 70's funk fanatic.  If you listen to my music, you'll hear that vein running throughout. I love

The Ohio Players
George Clinton and P-Funk
The Gap Band
The Commodores
Earth, Wind, and Fire
KC and the Sunshine Band
James Brown

They are funky like a monkey!  They were the inspiration for "Let's Make it Funky", obviously.
Every time I'm driving to a show, I have my headset on listening to this type of music.  There's not much else to do at 3am on I-49.  So I listen, absorb, create.  I love funky riffs, and try to re-create that with an accordion.  Add in B3 or horns and a few vocal "Hoo" "Ha's" and you've arrived at my ideal flavor of music.  If you were following a trail of highly danceable music with complex grooves,  tight rhythmic hits, on the back beat, you would arrive at the hybrid "swamp-funky" music that is Chubby Carrier.
Here's our latest video with the lyrics that tell a story and that story is for you, my friend.  If you enjoy it, let us know by leaving a comment.  You can share it, too.

How would you describe our music?  In your opinion, what makes our band unique?

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