Friday, July 22, 2011

Get more gigs with this little secret....

How many 9-5 grinds have you worked?  On your last day did you get a letter of recommendation from your employer? 

Did you just play a gig? Why don't you get a letter of recommendation from the person that just hired you?  Same tactic, different business.  How do you do this?  It's in the follow up process.

Following up with your clients after each performance is not only polite, it’s necessary for future gigs.  Chubby makes contact after his performances to thank the client for hiring his band.  I took that follow up opportunity a step further, by creating a survey on .  

The survey
  1. thanks the client for hiring the band, 
  2. has fields for their contact information, 
  3. asks for ratings, 
  4. and lastly a recommendation.
Example for the ratings section (perhaps on a scale of 1-5):
  1. ·        How easy was it to contact (your name) via phone/email
  2. ·        Was the promotional material useful
  3. ·        How would you rate the performance
  4. ·        What was the audience response
  5. ·        Will you recommend the band to others
The last and most important item on the survey is asking for a recommendation.  Make this as painless as possible by giving them direction for their letter.  This is very simple, make a list of the items in the ratings sections (above), and ask them to include those specific topics and any other thoughts.  Choose a comment box for this section and ask them to copy and paste it to company letterhead and mail it to you.  Don’t forget your mailing address.  Thank them for their time at the end of the survey. 

By taking a few minutes of your time to follow up with past clients, not only will you learn where you need to improve, but also receive recommendations to show new leads.

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