Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working at the gig is more than playing music

We've discussed negotiating a contract and finalizing the gig.  Once you've booked your gig and you're getting ready for the show, here are the rules that I live by:

Arriving at the gig

Make sure you have advanced the show, got directions, and reviewed the contract to make sure you arrive with everything you need in order to perform.  Sometimes I’m required to bring backline and sound, sometimes just my accordion.  Make sure you are prepared.
  • Be on time.  My philosophy is: If I’m early, I’m on time.  If I’m on time, I’m late.
  • Appearance.  I’ve gotten some great gigs because my band looked sharp.
  • Hand out parking passes and wrist bands and the like in ad
  • Contact the stage manager or promoter when you arrive.
  • Find out where to park, where to set up, where to eat, etc…
  • Set up merchandise booth, if allowed.
  • Have your contract in hand, in case there are any questions

During and After the Gig

  • Interact with the crowd
  • Announce that you have merchandise for sale
  • Invite fans to join you at other events
  • Announce "text to join" information  (stay tuned for more information on next post)
  • Thank the promoter/organization/venue for arranging the show over the loud speaker
  • Promote your social networking sites for the fans to connect with you
  • Create a mailing list by getting email addresses at each gig
  • Introduce your band
  • Sell merchandise (Have someone that can sell for you while you’re on stage)
  • Sign CD’s, merchandise, give autographs, take pictures, etc…
  • Get PAID
  • Pay your band, have them sign receipts and give each member their copy
 This is simple, common sense stuff, I know.  But I've had to call tech support with computer problems just be told to plug the wire in.  Sometimes it's helpful to go over basics.  

What areas could you use help in?  What burning questions do you have?  There are no stupid questions or comments.

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