Monday, July 18, 2011

How to create a great Press Kit / Promo Pack

Press kits have changed throughout the years.  I used to have stacks of papers, cassettes (yes cassettes) and VHS (yes, I know).  Then came the condensed versions with a bio, photos, CD’s and such in a nice folder.  Now you can send a hard copy all on a disc or better yet send an electronic press kit (EPK).  It just depends on the promoter’s preference.

I’m sure there are many resources available for creating your electronic press kit, but two that I’m aware of are: and  I use Reverbnation and I’m very satisfied with the results.

Items for your press kit, whether a hard copy or EPK include:

·         Biography
·         Music
·         Video
·         Photos
·         Recent Press
·         Discography
·         Upcoming Events
·         Accomplishments
·         Memorable events you have played in the past, artists you have collaborated with, etc…
·         Provide benefits of hiring you rather than features 

What does "provide benefits rather than features" mean?  Stay tuned....It will be covered in an upcoming post.  It's quite lengthy.
When sending a hard copy, how do you package it to draw attention?  What tricks are you willing to share regarding press kits?

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